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A Complete Guide: How to Dress for Your Body Type

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Every woman wants to look good in her clothes. Unfortunately, sometimes you put a clothing item on, and it doesn’t look as appealing as it did on the hanger or the mannequin modeling it...

Every woman wants to look good in her clothes. Unfortunately, sometimes you put a clothing item on, and it doesn’t look as appealing as it did on the hanger or the mannequin modeling it. The key to ensuring you always look as good as you feel is to dress according to your body type. This guide will review the different body types and provide an answer to the common dilemma, “Howam I supposed to dress for my body shape?”

How to Determine Body Shape

You need to take some measurements to ensure you get an accurate body type calculation. Opt for a cloth measuring tape instead of a metal one to get a more precise reading. Start with your shoulders by measuring the widest point above your shoulder blades and stretch the tape from one shoulder to the other to get the reading.

The next step to ensure you dress for your body type is to measure your bust by starting at the fullest point. Hold one end of the tape securely but not so tight that it squishes your chest. Wrap the tape around your body (under your arms) until it reaches the starting point and record the number.

You also want to get a measurement for your natural waistline. Standing as straight as possible, without slouching or sucking in your stomach, measure the thinnest section of your waist, between your ribs and belly button.

Lastly, you want to get a measurement for the fullest point of your hips. To get this circumference, you should wrap the tape around your butt and hips, making sure you do so below your hip bones. Knowing the relationship between these measurements will help you dress for your body type and provide an answer to the question, “Howam I supposed to dress for my body shape?”

Hourglass Figure

An hourglass with red sand

While the hourglass shape has been the well-balanced figure many women have yearned for, every body type is beautiful and should be celebrated. Women with an hourglass body type have shoulders and hips that are nearly equivalent in width. They generally have larger busts and backsides and a thinner, defined waist.

If you have an hourglass figure, you want to look for clothing that accentuates your curves. Tops showcasing your thinner midsection, curvy bust, or hip area are great options. If you want to find clothing that will help you dress for your body type, long jackets or dresses with belts draw attention to the midsection and elongate the legs. High-waisted pants and jumpsuits also show off your waist.

The hourglass figure is the easiest to dress; nearly any type of clothing complements your curves and natural shape. Luckily, if you have this body type, you can choose clothing based on comfort, and nearly anything will look good!

Rectangular-Shaped Figure

Are you asking, “Howam I supposed to dress for my rectangular body shape?” If you have a rectangular figure, your measurements are nearly uniform. You have a balanced look that resembles a rectangle. Essentially, you have an hourglass figure without a defined waist. Because there isn’t much definition to your silhouette, you need to learn how to dress for your body type.

Your rectangle shape allows you to choose what you want to show off. For example, if you want to highlight a curvy bust, a scoop-neck or v-neck fitted shirt or blouse can achieve this look. Complement this outfit with high-waisted jeans to give your waist definition. When picking an outfit, keep proportion in mind. If you’re wearing something that defines your lower curves, balance out your look by wearing something looser on the top or vice versa. 

To dress for your rectangular body type, you also want to focus on showing off your assets: your arms and legs. Sleeveless and strapless shirts and dresses can add a lot to your look.

Apple-Shaped Body

A red apple against a blue-green background

The apple shape is defined as round or circular. If you identify as having an apple-shaped body, you have a larger bust, an undefined waistline, and broad shoulders. Your upper body is generally larger and heavier in comparison to your lower body.

If you’re wondering, “Howam I supposed to dress for my apple body shape?” you’ve come to the right place! To appropriately dress for your body type, you want to highlight your strengths and avoid drawing attention to the midriff area, as this area appears larger due to the undefined waistline. 

Try clothing that shows off your legs and shirts or dresses with a v-neckline, as it will give the torso an elongated appearance. High-waisted pants or skirts with heels will draw attention to your long legs. Opt for fabrics that rest on your skin rather than clingy alternatives.

Athletic Body Shape

Also known as the inverted triangle body, the athletic body shape has much broader shoulders than hips. To answer your question, “Howam I supposed to dress for my athletic body shape?” you want to create a balance between your hips and shoulders by adding definition to the hip region. 

To dress for your athletic body type, keep in mind that nearly any shirt can mesh well with skinny jeans, straight-cut pants, or a pencil skirt. While dresses and skirts with ruffles or layering look great, you should avoid wearing these styles on the upper body because they will further accentuate the shoulder region. Note that v-necks are great at making the shoulders appear narrow.

Pear Body Shape

A yellow pear on a plate

A woman with a pear-shaped body has a smaller upper body compared to her butt and thighs, creating a triangular frame. The waist is defined, and the hips are wider than the shoulders.

If this body shape describes you, you’re lucky, as it’s easy to dress for your body type. You can achieve an hourglass figure illusion simply by wearing clothes that balance your shoulder and hip regions. To widen your shoulders, you should wear flowy tops with larger necklines. Look for shirts that also accentuate your waistline.

If you’re thinking, “Howam I supposed to dress for my pear body shape?” darker pants flatter your curves while toning them down to better match the shoulders. Try to find comfortable stretch fabrics, so you don't feel trapped in your jeans.

Dress for Your Body Shape

All women are beautiful; clothing should help them showcase this beauty and let them express who they are. Remember that not every woman’s body type fits into one of these five shape classifications. If your body type falls somewhere in between, you’re not alone, as most women are a combination of several body shapes. Fortunately, you can dress for your body type by using your measurements to help you decide which areas you want to emphasize. 

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