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How to Find Cute Affordable Clothes That Look Designer

| Tiffany Taffeta
Finding cute affordable clothes that could pass as designer can be a challenge. Learn how to look contemporary chic and classy on a budget with TheMogan...

Everyone needs cute, affordable clothes. And knowing how to spot fast fashion that looks designer is a skill you and your closet will be thankful you have. Contemporary chic never goes out of date, and there are many pieces within this style that you can mix and match for a variety of occasions. 

But how do you spot fast fashion that not only looks great but lasts? TheMogan knows a thing or two about helping customers find cute, affordable clothes, and we are here to help you get the best bang for your buck. 

Look for The Latest Trends

Fast fashion has to keep up with the latest looks and trends. So when you’re looking for clothing that looks designer, try to shop from outlets that offer a variety of trendy items. 

That may mean t-shirts with pop culture references or accessories you’ve seen on the latest TikTok. It’s tough to stay up-to-date on new fashions. So when you find cute, affordable clothes online, be sure to take advantage when you spot a quality find. 

Keep it Simple

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If you want to look contemporary chic, there’s no better way to do that than with simple silhouettes. Designer fashions can be incredibly complex or super simple. 

Fast fashion is great for finding high-quality basics, like jeans and jackets, that look just as good as designer fashions, and you can spot them simply by the way they’re made. It’s not uncommon to see fast fashion with phrases or unnecessary graphics implemented. So if you find cute, affordable clothes with no extra frills, it can be passed off as designer with the right accessories and styling. 

Don’t be Afraid of Patterns

Basics are great, but everything needs a pop of color or some print! Designer fashions are known for their patterns, but there are many ways to take a variety of prints and make them look designer. 

When shopping for bold fast-fashion pieces, you’ll know if you have a high-quality piece by how the pattern aligns. If the contemporary-chic striped shirt has a misaligned pattern, chances are it won’t pass for designer. But that’s not always the case. There are loads of cute, affordable clothes and fast fashion brands that do prints well. Plus, prints are great for adding a new element of style to the more simple fashions in your wardrobe. 

Look Classy on a Budget With TheMogan

At TheMogan, we love providing high-quality, contemporary-chic clothing to all our customers. Whether you’re shopping for slinky jumpers or need comfortable loungewear, you’ll find cute, affordable clothes that last. 

Our collection is stocked with a variety of styles and colors, so once you find the perfect piece, you can get it in every look you need. Explore all we have to offer and get free shipping on all orders today!