Dutch Brown Bunny Rabbit 8"


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This adorable Dutch rabbit is a fine choice for anyone who is looking to help expand their list of cuddly animals. With the help of this little farmyard classic, you can make sure that you have the widest and most enjoyable collection possible. Soft and sweet, this rabbit makes a great Easter buddy or Springtime decoration!
  • 8 inches, Perfect gift for boys or girls and kids, made with child safe materials. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • High Quality Materials make for a soft and fluffy touch
  • Each Miyoni features a special hang tag with unique species information, Miyoni products are hand stitched and made with care.
  • Sweet and lovable facial expression, perfect for party favors, gift bags, school events, and any other occasion that calls for an adorable little hand out!
  • Surface washable
  • Polyester
  • Made in Indonesia