Jumbo Baby Harp Seal 30"


The Jumbo Stuffed Baby Harp Seal Super Flopsie is ready to be your new best friend! High-quality materials are used in this adorable cream colored super sized Super Flopsie Baby Harp Seal. A great item to brighten up any room! Seal is bean weighted to give it some extra bulk and is durably constructed to enhance its ability to be hugged and loved and squeezed over and over again.
  • 30 inches, Perfect gift for boys or girls and kids, made with child safe materials.
  • Big plush baby harp seal has soft, bright white plush fur with a cute little black button nose and dark eyes
  • Stubby muzzle with a pouty black stitched mouth. Bean weighted body
  • Short flippers and floppy tail make perfect handles for carrying it around the house! With a lovably blimp-shaped body.
  • Surface washable
  • Polyester
  • Made in Indonesia