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A woman wearing a coat and a scarf

10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

| Tiffany Taffeta

We know it’s tempting to stick to sweatpants and hoodies at the first sign of winter weather. But don’t let the cold fool you into looking like a lump all season long! At TheMogan, we know that you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to stay warm, and we have the winter wardrobe essentials with designer vibes to prove it!

Whether you’re looking for sleek and sophisticated outerwear or just a few simple ways to elevate your ensemble with accessories, our fashion team is here to help with tons of ideas. Check out our list of winter wardrobe basics to take your cold-weather looks from drab to fab in a heartbeat!

1. A Go-To Sweater

Instead of a hoodie, find your go-to sweater style that’s still effortlessly chic. Whether it’s a cable knit style with cold shoulders or an oversized look with a structured silhouette, your go-to sweater should be able to walk the line between dressing up and looking like you’re still wearing your pajamas.

We recommend neutral colors for this winter wardrobe essential because ivory, taupe, and cream hues have a naturally elegant look.

2. Sherpa-Lined Sweats

OK, so we’re not totally against having sweats in the winter wardrobe basics lineup. But they can’t just be any old sweats. Get a serious upgrade on your pants with a jogger silhouette that’s sherpa-lined for some extra heat.

Keep it warm and cozy with a tailored design that’s a little more urban streetwear than sleepwear.

3. The Turtleneck Dress

A woman wearing a gray turtleneck dress

The turtleneck blouse has been around for a while, and we believe it’s past time to get this neckline in a dress — with pockets!

Instead of throwing on a slouchy shirt with neck coverage, elevate your outfit with a winter wardrobe essential that’s automatically more formal than just a top with some jeans. Pair your dress with thick leggings and knee-high boots to deliver an outfit everyone will remember.

4. A Shacket

The perfect mix of a shirt and a jacket, the shacket is a great choice for transitional days and layering weather. It’s the in-between piece that will really round out your winter wardrobe basics.

Because they’re slightly longer and thicker than your average plaid button-up, you can wear a shacket over a long-sleeve with tailored joggers on days when it’s not too cold. If you are struggling with those snowy days, wear a shacket underneath your final piece of outerwear for a winter wardrobe essential that provides a barrier between you and the freezing temps outside.

5. Sleek Puffer Jacket

Puff jackets used to be the most uncool thing on the planet — giving marshmallow vibes that made you look stuffed. Today, we’ve figured out how to streamline the puffy look while still providing the same sense of warmth. Wear this winter wardrobe basic cropped, oversized, or tunic-length to find your perfect look and get the coziness you need on even the coldest days.

6. Utility Vest

A woman wearing a utility vest

The vest is an incredibly versatile winter wardrobe essential and another piece of layering must-have. While we have short and long hemlines, suede and puff materials, and colors galore for you to explore, our favorite option is the utility vest.

With an adjustable waist and extra pockets, it’s the perfect choice for running around all day — whether it’s for errands, work, or the kids.

7. Jumpsuits and Sets

When you think of one-pieces, you probably see an image of those old-school PJs with button-up bottoms in your head. Those are not the one-pieces we’re here to talk about!

Our version of the one-piece revolves around sleek jumpsuits and cute matching sets that include fleece lining and extra layers for super-warm comfort. Make sure you’re not skipping out on these winter wardrobe essentials, as jumpsuits are a great choice for the office and other formal occasions.

8. Winter Boots

Whether it’s snow boots or a pair of booties, boots are a winter wardrobe basic you simply can’t ignore. They’re vital when tromping through knee-high snow or wading through flooding rains.

Whatever your climate is like back home, boots are a necessity we just couldn’t do without. You can keep your wardrobe minimal with one set in black or brown that goes with everything, or expand a little with a set for rain and a set for snow. Maybe you even want a pair for staying warm around the house?

9. Beanie Hat

A woman wearing a yellow beanie hat

The beanie is definitely a winter wardrobe essential for nearly everyone — man, woman, or child! It covers your ears and ensures your head is warm, and you can style it with fun details for a little extra energy. With styles that include pom poms, cute knit designs, and bright colors, you can find a beanie that keeps you warm and radiates positivity!

10. Touchscreen Gloves

If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors this winter season, you definitely need some gloves that can handle working on your phone. You don’t want to take off your gloves and risk freezing fingers because you need to text your boo about dinner!

Get some fleece-lined touchscreen gloves for a winter wardrobe essential that allows you to play games, answer calls, and text your friends while you’re hanging outside.

Shop TheMogan for Affordable Winter Fashion

You might think you’re ready and prepped for the season. But if you’re missing any of the winter wardrobe basics on this list, you’re not there yet! Check out our new arrivals to find the perfect pieces for upcoming weather and maybe a few gifts for your friends too!