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A woman wearing a ruffle blouse with jeans

How to Dress Up Jeans for a Party

| Tiffany Taffeta

Are you wondering if you can dress up jeans for a party the next time you go out? TheMogan says, “YES!”

With this versatile base to your outfit, you can elevate your entire ensemble with a chic top and a few well-placed accessories. Check out this blog from the fashion experts at TheMogan to learn how to dress up jeans for a party.

Choosing Your Jeans

There are several different styles of denim pants, and some are easier to dress up than others. If you want to create a look that’s a little more elegant and sophisticated, go for skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, or culottes.

Why Skinnies?

Skinny jeans are very sleek and sculpt your legs into the most ideal silhouette. You can also pair them with shoes that really stand out. With a dark wash and a few subtle details, you don’t have to do much other than throw on some stilettos to complete the look.

Why High-Waisted?

With high-waisted jeans, you’re creating an ultra-long leg silhouette that makes you look taller and more sophisticated. Usually, these jeans are wide-leg or flared, but you can combine skinny jeans with a high waist to get the best of both worlds.

Why Culotte?

Finally, the culotte cut is a cropped jean with a wide leg that just looks fancy. If you need to dress up jeans for a party but don’t want to overheat, choose the cropped pair that gives you a little extra air.

Even if the temperatures rise, culottes are the shortest we would go. Skip out on the denim shorts — they won’t deliver the vibe you want.

A Blouse

A woman wearing a hi-low blouse with jeans

The next piece of your outfit is your shirt. If you plan on going without any outerwear, choose a formal blouse with luxe materials that makes a statement. Denim is considered a neutral, so you can wear nearly any color or print.

A Blazer

The right outerwear is really how you dress up jeans for a party! A blazer is structured, formal, and sophisticated — adding a chic touch to any look. Wear it over a basic tank or tee with your jeans to empower your look.

Your Accessories

Since denim is your neutral backdrop for how you dress up jeans for a party, the accessories are the essential pieces that complete your vibe. Wear elevated jewelry, like layered gold chains or pearl earrings, and break out the heels in the form of pumps or booties.

Put It All Together

Now that you know how to dress up jeans for a party, you can experiment to achieve the best look. Pair skinny jeans and a blazer for a boss girl getup, or tuck a flowy beaded top into high-waist, wide-leg denim for a boho look.

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