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Plus-Size Tops

TheMogan offers women’s plus-size tops and blouses for every style and occasion. We know how important it is to have high-quality, well-fitting clothing, and our plus-size clothes combine fashion and function. Affordable plus-size tops can be difficult to find, but TheMogan makes it easy for women everywhere to have fashionable tops at a price that won’t break the bank. Shop our plus-size clothing collection to add a new element of style to your wardrobe!

Flaunt Your Curves in Plus-Size Tops and Blouses

High-quality, timeless clothing is a must-have in your closet. TheMogan offers classic silhouettes to elevate your style. 

Whether you’re looking for a new jacket to wear at the office or want casual, comfortable joggers for running errands, we have curated a vast collection of affordable plus-size tops to suit your unique needs. We use high-quality fabrics to make all our clothing, and our team is committed to giving you contemporary styles that last. 

Our women’s plus-size tops and blouses come in a variety of colors. So once you find that perfect look, you can have one in every color for every mood. Whether you want something sporty and chic or fun and sassy, you’ll find what you’re looking for at TheMogan. 

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TheMogan offers everything your wardrobe needs from head to toe. From a new pair of pants to a flirty sundress, our team has curated a versatile collection for every occasion. We even offer adorable plush toys for gifts, decor, or just to brighten your mood. 

If you’re looking for high-quality plus-size tops and blouses, TheMogan is the place to be. Shop our women’s plus-size styles today!


What are the best styles for plus-size tops and blouses?

If you’re looking for a flattering silhouette for your shape, you might want to explore v-neck, scoop, and crewcuts, as well as wrap-around styles and keyhole designs. However, there is no one size fits all option, so check out our blog to find tips for dressing a plus-size body.

How are plus-size clothes different?

Plus-size tops and blouses are cut with your shaping and curves in mind. These thoughtful patterns take into account the fullness of your chest, torso, and upper arms to ensure more comfort and wearability. Most often, an XXL for average clothing and a 2XL in plus-size clothing are slightly different for this reason, so be careful when choosing sizes in stores that offer both.

What are the benefits of plus-size clothing?

In the past, most fashion houses didn’t want to spend time and money creating cute, chic, and fun styles for plus-size women. At TheMogan, we’re one of those stores that hopes to change that. With more plus-size availability, you don’t have to settle for boring styles. Anyone can have the colorful, on-trend wardrobe they actually want!

Why is plus-size clothing more expensive?

While some stores charge more for plus-size tops and blouses because extended sizes require more fabric, that’s NOT how we operate at TheMogan. Here, all sizes are created equal, and you can expect affordable plus-size tops without an unfairly extended sizing surcharge.

How do you embrace being plus-size?

Beauty standards have always been shifting. And today, we’re all working more on self-acceptance no matter our size. If you’re looking for more ways to love yourself, buying clothing that actually fits is important. But you must also change your mindset and focus on self-love.

Find some advice on embracing what it means to be plus-size.

What does plus-size mean?

Plus-size clothing doesn’t refer to a specific size or look. It’s currently used as a general term for clothing size 18 and up to help people find pieces better tailored to their needs. As we mentioned above, our plus-size tops and blouses pay special attention to areas where you might need extra space, like the arms and chest.

What type of clothing is in your plus-size collection?

At TheMogan, we offer so much more than just affordable plus-size tops. Of course, you’ll find basic tees and essential tanks, along with cute lace designs, cropped tops, cozy sweaters, and elegant tunics. 

We also carry a large selection of plus-size dresses and bottoms for a one-stop shop solution. You should also make sure to check out our plus-size jackets for the perfect outfit topper in cooler weather!

If you have other questions about finding or styling our plus-size tops and blouses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more personalized guidance and advice!