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Two women wearing jumpsuits in an art studio

How to Wear a Jumpsuit: The Ultimate Style Guide

| Tiffany Taffeta

Not everyone feels comfortable in a breezy summer dress. And even if you do, it just feels good to change up your look. When you want something as versatile and easy to style as a dress, a jumpsuit is the perfect alternative. Today, they’re considered must-have additions to any closet!

You can style a jumpsuit up or down to fit any occasion. And with so many cuts, colors, and styles to explore, we’re confident you can find the perfect piece to pull off a look you’ll love. Whether you wear a jumpsuit with a wide leg for a casual look or something fitted and sultry for date night with your boo, we have the style tips to keep you inspired.

Ready to figure out how to wear a jumpsuit? We have nine style ideas ready to go for timeless ensembles that ensure effortless elegance for all your work and play needs. Keep reading to make sure you’re wearing this closet staple just right!

1. Keeping It Casual

So, do you want to know how to wear a jumpsuit for casual occasions? A loose fit with short sleeves and a wide leg is a good place to start. There’s nothing more comfortable and relaxed than something loose and flowing! You might also want to explore relaxed fabrics, like jersey and cotton.

If you want to create shape and highlight your silhouette, we recommend belting your jumpsuit with a drawstring waist or skinny belt. Planning to spend your day walking around or running errands? Make sure to throw on comfy flats, like sandals or loafers. Need to keep your look a little elevated for a casual garden party? Opt for a wedge shoe.

Jumpsuits with prints and patterns are also automatically more casual than those in a single color. Keep your style fun and flirty with stripes, florals, tie-dye, or animal prints! You’ll be making a statement and catching every eye in the room with your bold look. From girls’ night to brunch dates, bright colors and fun designs is how to wear a jumpsuit for casual events.

2. Formal Looks

A jumpsuit is a unique option that’s a little out of the box. But it’s still a fashionable, classic style even for fancy occasions. If a gown or a pantsuit isn’t the right choice, a jumpsuit offers the in-between silhouette you need to blend style and comfort. So, are you wondering how to wear a jumpsuit for formal occasions?

From outdoor weddings to fancy cocktail parties, dressing up a jumpsuit is easier than you think! First, you need to wear a jumpsuit in a neutral hue, like black, navy, or burgundy, to elevate your look. Even white or beige can lend you an elegant, sophisticated air. Next, consider your accessories. With heels, you’ll look ready to walk the runway or the aisle!

Finally, make sure you’re shopping for jumpsuits in formal fabrics, including velvet, chiffon, satin, sequins, and leather. Look for plunging necklines, long sleeves, and delicate details (like embroidery) to ensure you’re dripping with polish and refinement.

3. Business Styles

A business casual jumpsuit is a great choice for any professional woman looking to balance comfort, style, and corporate appeal. When a power suit is simply too powerful, choose a jumpsuit! Although, how you wear a jumpsuit for the office is a little different than other occasions.

A business casual jumpsuit should meet a few basic standards. You’ll need something a little more conservative in both cut and color. Look for high necklines with covered shoulders in thicker fabrics to ensure a professional appearance. Tan and black are iconic colors for the business world and will ensure that your ensemble is appropriate for work.

Wear the jumpsuit with a few simple accessories, including a blazer, booties, and a pair of earrings.

4. Summer Fun

A casual snake print jumpsuit

Pool parties, vacations, and weekends by the lake mean you need a chic summer essential that you can throw on before heading out the door. So what’s a versatile outfit that you can wear nearly anywhere? That’s right! Wear a jumpsuit.

You can stay on-trend with how to wear a jumpsuit by exploring pieces in fun patterns, unique materials, and shorter sleeve lengths to keep you comfortable and stylish in summer temps. Shop light colors to reflect the sun away from you with taupe, ivory, and dusty rose hues. And keep everything effortless when you pair your jumpsuit with a woven bag and sandals.

Wondering which sandals look best with a summer jumpsuit? We love wedges, espadrilles, slides, and criss-cross sandals for this breezy look. Top the entire ensemble with a sheer kimono cardigan, and you’re ready to go!

5. Winter Chic

So we’ve covered how to wear a jumpsuit for summer. But what about wearing a jumpsuit for fall or winter? Never fear; we have advice for the perfect cold-weather one-piece here too! Jumpsuits are practical for layering and extremely fashionable any time of year.

If you’re planning to wear a jumpsuit on a cold day, we recommend keeping warm with a parka, blazer, or asymmetrical wrap coat. You can even wear a button-up shirt underneath sleeveless jumpsuits for extra warmth. Complete your look with booties and accessorize with a scarf and gloves!

For days when you’re still feeling those chilly breezes, you can always add invisible layers to your jumpsuit, like leggings and bodysuits.

6. The Little Black Jumpsuit

The LBD has always been a go-to style for many a date night, but you can make the little black jumpsuit your favorite choice instead! Styling a black jumpsuit is just as simple as a black dress because the idea behind the look is the same — you want to keep it as minimalist and classic as possible.

So, do you want to know how to wear a jumpsuit instead of a little black dress? Dress up your LBJ with heels and a textured belt, throw on some red lipstick, and accessorize with dazzling earrings.

7. Over the Top

While a jumpsuit is a look all on its own, sometimes, wearing something over it is a great choice because it helps change your look and make it more suitable for specific occasions.

Are you looking to elevate a casual jumpsuit into the business arena? A blazer provides structure and formality. Heading out for a lounge session with your friends? Throw on a cozy cardigan or a chic vest for a totally relaxed vibe.

8. Belting It Out

A belted denim jumpsuit

How you wear a jumpsuit is totally up to you, but its shape and silhouette may dictate the need for a belt – especially in more professional settings. Belts elevate your look, accentuate your waist, and allow you to add a statement piece that really pops.

We recommend belts for very loose styles that you plan on wearing in professional or formal environments. We love a thin belt that cinches your waist without taking up too much space and shortening your torso. Explore unique belt materials to contrast with your jumpsuit, like metal belts, leather styles, and textured materials.

9. Pro Tip: Hairstyles

Our final tip for how to wear a jumpsuit has nothing to do with clothing or accessories at all! This pro tip is all about how your hair interacts with your clothing. When choosing a hairstyle for your jumpsuit, you can go two routes: keep it simple and let the jumpsuit be the star, or complement your outfit with a bolder look.

If you’re heading out to an event and your jumpsuit is a showstopper, keep your hair out of it with an updo or a pulled-back look. Your hair is out of your face and away from your neck, highlighting the cut of your jumpsuit instead of distracting from it.

When you want to keep your vibes casual, a low pony, a braid, or loose waves complement your jumpsuit without getting in the way.

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