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A plus-size woman strolling in a garden

10 Summer Dresses That Make You Look Thinner

| Tiffany Taffeta

In the past, plus-size women were stuck with whatever their favorite stores could make out of discarded and outdated prints and patterns. With today’s shift toward inclusivity and body positivity, there are a lot more options for everyone!

If you’re looking at the larger selection of summer dresses and wondering which is best suited to your body, TheMogan is here with a few tips to help you find summer dresses that make you look thinner. Here are eight dress styles that flatter your every curve:

1. Small Prints

Small prints can make you look thinner, as they use pattern and design to create an illusion instead of the cut of the dress. They’re a good way to double up on slimming styles because you can wear both a slimming cut and a pattern to get the effects of both.

We love mini floral prints or animal prints in summer dresses for thick ladies because so many color options are available! Find small flowers in your favorite colors to match the accessories you wear all the time.

2. Sheath Dresses

A woman in a yellow dress standing next to a cactus plant

Another dress that elongates your body is the sheath dress. However, unlike the t-shirt dress, it’s a bit more curve-hugging, accentuating your waist and creating feminine proportions. We recommend sheath dresses that fall below the knee to make your body seem even longer.

If you do opt for a longer hemline in summer dresses that make you look thinner, you may want to explore dresses with a slit at the front or back to provide a little more wiggle room for sitting and walking.

3. Empire Waist

The empire waist can make you look thinner because it hugs you close around and right below the chest — generally where you’re already thinnest. Then, it falls in loose waves down, minimizing your hips and legs.

The empire waist is the dress preferred by the goddesses of Greece — and who doesn’t want to look like a Greek goddess? Let this forgiving silhouette enhance your bust and elongate your torso.

4. Wrap Dresses

A woman wearing a purple glitter wrap dress

One of our favorite summer dresses for thick ladies is the wrap dress. This style is one of the summer dresses that make you look thinner because it hugs you right at the waist and draws the eyes to the area where you’re the thinnest.

Combine a wrap dress with a v-neckline, and you’ve got two different methods in one that slims your torso and makes you look leaner and taller. It’s also an easy look to wear because you can adjust the self-tie at the waist to fit as you want.

5. Corset Dresses

A corset dress is a great choice for anyone who wants to enhance their chest while drawing attention away from their lower body and waist. Corset-style summer dresses make you look thinner because they actually affect your body shape.

Your corset dress should have a little extra support in the torso, like thicker material, boning, or ties, to smooth your curves and enhance your entire silhouette.

6. V-Neck T-Shirt Dresses

A woman wearing a blue v-neck t-shirt dress

In addition to having a slimming silhouette and being a classic choice for anyone, a v-neck t-shirt dress is also a comfortable, casual style that you can wear for nearly any occasion. These summer dresses make you look thinner because the neckline draws attention down your chest for a slim illusion.

They also elongate your body and create a vertical impression without the need for tight-fitting sizing. If you prefer looser fits, this summer dress is the right choice for thick ladies!

7. Belted Dresses

Similar to the wrap dress, belted summer dresses make you look thinner because they accentuate your waist and draw in the shape of your body to look more like an hourglass. We love belted dresses because they allow you to play with an additional accent for your look.

You can opt for a thick belt that better defines your waist and creates a bold visual effect, or wear a thinner belt that blends with a printed design to provide just a little extra accent around your middle.

8. Vertical Stripes

A woman wearing a dress with vertical stripes

Another slimming pattern is the vertical stripe. Dresses with this print draw the eye from top to bottom instead of side to side to ensure you seem tall and thin. Make the most of this print when you choose maxi dresses in vertical stripes!

Like with other prints, we recommend thinner stripes to enhance your silhouette and ensure you maintain a slimming illusion. If you think plain vertical lines are boring, consider a dress with chevron stripes on top and vertical lines in the skirt.

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Now that you know about the summer dresses that make you look thinner, you can choose wardrobe styles that make you feel good. If you’re looking for advice on styling dresses and jumpsuits, check out this blog for a few extra tips!

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